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This book simplifies the mechanics of conveying ideas in a scholarly fashion.

The American Psychological Association (6th edition) provides a writing style that is used by many academic and nonacademic institutions and publications. However, this highly regarded manual is not specifically geared toward scholarly academic writing especially college term papers. The authors of this book draw information from the manual that is specific to academic writing and expand upon it using set-up instructions and a sample paper. The end result of this transformational process yields a useful guide that can be used along with the actual manual for successful academic writing.

This handbook covers many detailed specifications of the APA style including in-text citations, source citations, and a sample paper. It also sheds new light on the manual using step-by-step processes and exemplification that enable the reader to fulfill APA rules and regulations while focusing on content, rather than the format, of academic research.




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APA: The Easy Way!
(Updated for APA 6th ed.)